Fittings and Flanges

Weld FittingsOil production platform and supoort ships Alaska

Sizes: 1/2” thru 36”
Schedules: STD, XH
Types: 90 and 45 Degree Tees, Caps, Reducers
*Carbon and Stainless alloys


Sizes: ½” thru 36”
Rating: 150-2500 pound
Types: Slip-on, Weld neck, Socket weld, Threaded, Blind
*AWWA plate, Carbon and Stainless alloys

Forged Steel

Sizes: 1/8” thru 4”
Rating: 2000, 3000, and 6000 pound threaded and socket weld
Types: 90 and 45 degree Tees, couplings, plugs, caps, reducers
*Carbon and stainless alloys

Malleable Iron

Sizes: 1/8” thru 8”
Rating: 150 and 300 pound
Types: 90 and 45 degree Tees, reducers, caps, plugs
*Black and galvanized

Victaulic Grooved Fittings

Distributor of full product line


Sizes: 1/8” thru 16”
Schedules: STD, XH
Types: Merchant, API, Pump column, black and galvanized


Sizes: 1/8” thru 24”
Schedules: All
Types: Threaded both ends, one end, grooved, black and galvanized

Swage nipples/bull plugs

Sizes: ½” thru 6”
Schedules: STD, XH
Types: Threaded, grooved, and buttweld
*stainless and carbon alloys

Bolts, Gaskets, Strainers, Steam Traps and other accessories.

Ask about any other accessories for pipe valve and fitting job requirements.