Aircraft Alloys

PC-12 at Night

As aviation enthusiasts we are pleased to serve all of your aircraft alloy needs. Trace-ability is everything in the aviation industry and when you become an aviation client of ours you can rest assured that you are purchasing quality material to your exact specifications. Call one of  our aircraft division specialists today!

Grades Stocked:

  • KKN & KKP Thermocouplers
  • E-4130 (MIL-S-6758, AMS-6370, AMS-S-6758, AMS-2301, AMS-6348, AMS-2304, ASTM-A-331, ASTM-A-322
  • E-4130 H.T. (MIL-S-6758, AMS-6346, AMS-6370, AMS-2301, AMS-2304,  ASTM-A-331, AMS-S-6758)
  • E-4140 ANN. (MIL-S-5256, AMS-6382, AMS-6349, EXC. COND., AMS-2301, AMS-2304,  ASTM-A-331, AMS-S-5256)
  • E-4140 NORM. (MIL-S-5256, AMS-6382 EXC. COND., AMS-6349, AMS-2301, AMS-2304,  ASTM-A-322, AMS-S-5626)
  • E-4330 MOD. VAC. MELT . N&T (MIL-S-8699, AMS-6411, AMS-6427, AMS-2300, BMS-7-122, BMS-7-27, CE-0906, EXC. SONIC TO FOLLOWING: FMS-1012, GM-1010, EMS-96242)
  • E-4340 N&T (MIL-S-5000, AMS-6415, AMS-6484, AMS-6409, AMS-2301, AMS-2304, AMS-2310, ASTM-A331, ASTM-A-322, BMS-7-28, DMS-1555 GRD. B, AMS-S-5000)
  • E-4340 VAC. MELT. N&T (MIL-S-8844 CL, 1, MIL-S-5000, AMS-6414 ,AMS-6415, AMS-2300, AMS-6484, AMS-S-5000, BPS-299-947-055, DMS-1555 GRD.A, BMS-7-28)
  • E-4340 VAC. MELT. N&T “300M” (MIL-S-8844 CL. 3, MIL-S-83135, AMS-6417, AMS-6419, AMS-6257 EXC. HARDNESS, AMS-2300, LC-05-1190, DMS-1935, BMS-7-26 CL. 1, GM-1012, CE-0896)
  • E-4340 VAC. MELT. (MIL-S-7493, AMS-6294, AMS-2300, ASTM-A-331, ASTM-A-322
  • E-6150 VAC. MELT. (MIL-S8503, AMS-6448, AMS-2300, AMS-S-8503, ASTM-A-331, ASTM-A-322
  • E-8740 (AMS-6322, MILS-6409 EXC. SONIC, AMS-2301, AMS,2304, ASTM-A-311, AMS-S-6049 EXC. SONIC
  • E-9310 N&T (MIL-S-7393 COMP. 3, AMS-6265, AMS-6260, AMS-2300, AMS-6267, MIL-S-83030 COMP. 3, CAP. OF HT-5042, BPS-299-947-032 9EXC. HARDNESS), EMS -56280)
  • E-9310 VAC. MELT. N&T (MIL-S-7393 COMP. 3, AMS-6265, AMS-2300, AMS-6267, MIL-S-83030 COMP. 3, CAP. OF HT-5042, BPS-299-947-032 (EXC. HARDNESS), EMS-56280)
  • E-52100 VAC. MELT. SPH. ANN (MIL-S-7420, AMS-6444, AMS-6440, AMS-2300, AMS-S-7420)
  • D6AC VAC. MELT. (AMS-6431, AMS-2300, STM-05-500, LCM-05-2190, EXC SONIC TO FOLLOWING: FMS-1011, GM-1013, MIL-S-8949, AMS-S-8949)
  • H-11 VAC. MELT. (AMS-6485, AMS-6487, AMS-6488, EMS-642 (EXC. FATIGUE TEST))
  • HY-TUF N&T (MIL-S-7108, AMS-6418, AMS-2301, AMS-2304, ASTM-A-322, AMS-S-7108, DMS-1841 GRD. B)
  • HY-TUF VAC. MELT. N&T (MILS-S-7108, AMS-6418, AMS-6425, AMS-2300, AMS-S-7108, DMS-1831 GRD. A)
  • NITRIDING HT BHN 241-285 (MIL-S6709 COMP. A 135 MODIFIED, AMS-6470 EXC HARDNESS, AMS-6472, AMS-2301, AMS-2304, ASTM-A-322, AMS-S-6709)
  • NITRIDING VAC. MELT. (MIL-S-6709 COMP. A 135 MODIFIED, AMS-6471, AMS-2300, AMS-S-6709, BELL 299-947-036)
  • 9-4-30 VAC. MELT. (AMS-6256 EXC. AS SHIPPED COND, MIL-STD-2154 CL. A, BMS-7-182 TYPE 2, STO-160-LBO-012, MMS-2102 (EXC. FRACTURE TOUGH & SONIC)