Steel Tubing

Descriptive Information – Round Mechanical

  • Cold Drawn Seamless (1026 ASTM-A-519) – Cold Drawn Seamless Tube is normally drawn to O.D. and I.D. dimensions. Certain sizes must be drawn to O.D. and Wall dimensions.
  • Hot Finished Seamless (1026 ASTM-A-519 (except tolerance) – Hot Finished Tube is produced to O.D. and Wall dimensions.
  • Welded D.O.M. – Drawn Over Mandrel – Tested – ASTM-A-513 Type 5
    • Up to 4″ O.D. Inclusive (10 Ga. Wall and Lighter) 1020
    • All other sizes (O.D.’s and Walls) 1026
    • An Electric Welded Tube with all weld flash removed. Tested for weld soundness, drawn over a mandrel and retested. This product is superior in finish and wall uniformity to seamless tubing. Normally drawn to O.D. and I.D. dimensions.
  • Electric Welded
    • Up to 6″ O.D.  Inclusive – MT 1010 – Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled
    • Up to 6-1/2″ O.D. Inclusive  – ASTM-A-513 CR Type 2, HR Type 1
    • 6-5/8″ O.D. & Over (No ASTM)
    • An Electric Resistance Welded Tube
      • Under 1″ O.D. – Flash In
      • 1″ O.D. & Larger – Flash Controlled
    • Electric Welded Tubing is produced to O.D. and Wall dimensions. This is the least expensive mechanical tubing. It is produced from low carbon steel and possesses relatively good cold working characteristics.
  • Cold Drawn Butt Welded
    • 10 Ga. Wall and Lighter – 1020
    • All other sizes – 1026
    • ASTM-A-512
    • The least expensive drawn tube. Produced from Electric Resistance Welded hollows. Drawn to O.D. and I.D. dimensions. Not intended for pressure applications.
  • Hydraulic Line – Steel Hydraulic-Line Tubing – Cold Drawn Welded  – Produced to O.D. and I.D. dimensions – Soft Annealed – Oiled – SAE J525 – Electronically tested
  • Square Welded – Steel Tubing – Square Welded – Produced to O.D. and Wall Dimensions – Low Carbon Mechanical – ASTM-A-513 Flash In
  • Square Structural – Steel Tubing Square Structural Welded – Epox Z Kote® also available – ASTM-A-500 Grade B/C
  • Rectangular Welded – Low Carbon Mechanical – ASTM-A-513 Flash In
  • Rectangular Structural – Steel Tubing Rectangular Structural Welded – Epox Z Kote® also available – ASTM-A-500 Grade B/C
  • Pipe & Pipe Size Tube
    • Steel Round Black Pipe – Uncoated (Below 8″ Nominal) – Plain Ends – Can be furnished threaded or threaded and coupled – Also available Galvanized – ASTM-A-53 Type E/F Grade A/B
    • Pipe Size Steel Tubing – Round Structural – 46 ksi Minimum Yield – ASTM-A-500 Grade C – Produced by Electric Resistance Welded Process. Uncoated. Not Pressure Tested. This product is less expensive than regular pipe and has higher mechanical properties and better finish.

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  1. aemforg says:

    Carbon Steel Hydraulic Tubing

    Carbon Steel Hydraulic Tubing – Grade 1010 – ASE J 254 – Compliance to ASTM A179–Seamless Spec vs A214, which is a welded spec–with the exception that it is an average wall thickness no less than .065″.
    1/2″ OD x 16 gauge (.065″) Wall
    QTY & Price: 1500 feet @ $2,795.00 LOT
    FOB: Houston Warehouse
    Lead Time: Available From Stock

  2. aemforg says:

    We offer:

    1026 Carbon Steel Tubing
    6″ OD x 4″ ID (1″ wall) x 63-3/8″ long
    QTY & Price: 4 pieces @ $995/pc
    Lead time: Available from Stock

  3. aemforg says:

    4140 Q&T Tubing
    3-1/2″ OD x .5″ wall x 4 feet
    Tensile: 144.4 KSI
    Yield: 130 KSI
    QTY & Price: 1 piece @ $695.00 LOT + Applicable Taxes + Shipping and Handling
    FOB: Houston, TX
    Lead Time: Available from Stock + Transit

  4. aemforg says:

    1020 Carbon Steel Tubing – DOM
    2-1/2″ OD x .065″ wall x 20 ft RLs
    QTY & Price: 2 lengths @ $595.00 LOT
    FOB: DELIVERED from our Houston Warehouse
    Lead time: Stock (Can deliver tomorrow)

    3-1/4″ OD x .065″ wall x 20 ft RLs
    QTY & Price: 1 length @ $300.00 LOT (IF PURCHASED WITH THE 2-1/2″ OD)
    FOB: DELIVERED -PREPAY & ADD (Estimate: $200-$300 UNLESS we can cut these for UPS/FEDEX… Approximate Weight of Material: 55 lbs)
    Lead Time: Stock + Cutting + Transit

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