Photo Etching

AEM & Forge is a leading designer and manufacturer of thin-gauge photo-etched precision metal solutions. The most advanced photo-etching technology coupled with our photo-etching techniques allows us to produce the most intricate of component designs while maintaining extremely tight tolerances.


Photo etching (also referred to as photo chemical milling, metal etching, chemical machining, or photo fabrication) is a fast, cost-effective way to produce a wide variety of precision metal parts. A start-to-finish custom photo-etching specialist, AEM & Forge can help you design, prototype, and produce a finished metal part that meets the exact demands of your industry and application.

  • One-side, two-side, and step-photo chemical etching processes
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Etching metal thicknesses ranging from 0.0007″ to 0.032″
  • Quick, cost-effective design modifications
  • No need for hard tooling
  • Burr- and stress-free high-quality precision parts
  • In-house photo tooling allows extremely quick turnaround times


AEMF’s chemically etched products are used by many of the world’s largest OEMs in a variety of industries including military, medical, automotive, energy storage, solar, telecommunications, instrumentation, wireless, and microwave.

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