Oil Country Tubular Goods

oil&gas small - OCTG pagesAEM & Forge’s OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) Division is here to support customers on a global scale. Whether requirements are for offshore or land based applications, our broad based inventory eliminates down time. Our financial commitment to inventory allows us to provide customers with the goods and services they need when they need them most in a cost effective and efficient manner.

AEM & Forge can formulate a comprehensive and customized approach that will meet customer needs for projects worldwide.

We supply Tubing, Casing and Premium Connections in seamless, welded, duplex, chrome, alloy and carbon, typically from 1.66” through to 36”diameters. Our product line also includes insulated conductors, sucker rods, and drill pipe in both standard and heavy weights. Additionally, AEM & Forge’s value-added services and focus on our customers needs are second to none. These tubular products have broad applications in the oil, gas and geothermal industries.


API 5CT, Casing, Tubing and Conductor

Size Range: 1.660” – 20”
Seamless / ERW
Grades: J-55, K-55, N-80, L-80, L-80HC, 13CR, 22CR, 25CR, P-110, P-110HC, Q-125 as well as Sour Service.
API and Premium Connections, Pup Joints and Cross-Overs.
ID / OD Coated, Poly and Epoxy

API 5D / API Spec. 7, and API RP7G, Drill Pipe

Size Range: 3 1/2”- 5 1/2”, and Heavy Weight
Grades: All

API 11B, Sucker Rods

Size Range: 5/8”- 1 1/8”, 25’ and 30’ Lengths
Grades: API and High Strength
Couplings: “T” and Spray Metal, Full Size and Slimhole.

API and ASTM Conductor Pipe

Size Range: 10” – 36”
Schedules: Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 100, 120, 160, XXH
Grades: PSL1 and PSL2
Connectors: Plain End/Bevel for Piling/Driving/Welding, Threaded, or with Weld-on Connectors

Foam Insulated Conductors

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  1. aemforg says:

    We offer:

    Monel 400 Tubing – SB163 – Seamless
    .75″ OD x .083″ AW x 54′ Long
    QTY & Price: 74 pcs @ $1,608.11/pc = $119,000.00
    Lead Time: 75 days to produce + 6 weeks to TX OR 75 days + 3 weeks to West Coast of Mexico
    FOB: Delivered


    Monel 400 Tuning- Dual Certified to SB163 & SB165 – Seamless
    .75″ OD x .083″ AW x 54′ Long
    QTY & Price: 74 pcs @ $1,783.74/pc = $132,000.00
    Lead time: 4-5 weeks
    FOB: 16125


    Monel 400 Tubing – ASME-SB163 – CD – RD – Seamless
    .75″ OD x .083″ wall x 54′ Long
    QTY & Price: 74 pcs @ $2,095.00/pc = $155,000.00
    Lead time: 2-3 weeks
    FOB: Delivered

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