304 Stainless Steel Forgings

Material: Type 304 Stainless Steel in accordance with AMS-QQ-S-763 issued 07/1998, Class 304, Cond A and AMS-QQ-S-763A 02/2003 Class 304, Cond A

Termal Process: per Specification

Destructive Test: per Specification

Finish: Rough Machine to sizes shown

Other: DCAS source inspection is included prior to shipment of the forgings.

Requested Sizes (inches): 10″ OD x 4.5″ Long

Shipping Sizes (inches): 10″ (+1/4″-0″) x 4.5″ (+1/8″-0″)

QTY & Price: 12 pieces @ $15,000.00 LOT

Lead time: 14 weeks

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